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Rampage 2018

Genre: Adventure
Release: 2018
Director: Brad Peyton
Producer: Hiram Garcia, Beau Flynn, Brad Peyton, John Rickard
Music: Andrew Lockington
Print: Colour
Language: English
Certificate: UA (India)
Country: USA
Synopsis: On a space station Athena 1, genetic experiments are being carried out by a company Energyne. The space station is destroyed after a lab rat mutates due to a pathogen. The lone survivor is asked to bring the pathogen back to Earth for research. The escape pod carrying the survivor and canisters disintegrates upon entry to Earth. The debris is spread across a wide area. One canister is consumed by a crocodile, another by a wolf. The third canister lands near George, an albino gorilla, who had been rescued by Primatologist Davis Okoye. Davis communicates with the gorilla using sign language and hand gestures. With the genetically modified crocodile and wolf heading to Chicago, can George stop them? Will George survive? Can Davis help George? Watch the movie to find out.
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