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The Wolf and the Lion 2022

Genre: Drama
Release: 04 February 2022 (USA)
Director: Gilles de Maistre
Producer: Catherine Camborde, Gilles de Maistre, Nicolas Elghozi, Jacques Perrin, Valentine Perrin, Sylvain Proulx, Jonathan Vanger, Andrew Simpson, Francois Mergier, Nicolas Dumont
Print: Colour
Language: French, English
Runtime: 99 minutes
Certificate: PG (USA)
Country: France, Canada
Synopsis: Twenty year old Alma decides to go to her childhood home after her grandfather’s death. There, she rescues a wolf cub and a lion cub. They form a bond together. When the forest ranger gets to know about them, the animals are taken away. Now, the two cubs must embark on a long and trecherous journey to reunite with each other and with Alma. Watch the movie to find out more.
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